Monday, November 7, 2016

Cover Reveal: Ruined in Retribution by Valia Lind

It's cover reveal day for Valia Lind's RUINED IN RETRIBUTION (Titanium Series: Book Three)!

Before I share the (awesome) cover with you, here's a little more about the book:

Gone. Gone. Gone.

For the past two months, it has taken all of Logan’s determination to just keep going.
Losing Tasia to Kallos Enterprises shattered his world, but he is not about to give up on what she had started.

Together with her family, Logan works to destroy the company that ruined their lives. The corporation is growing bigger and stronger by the minute, weaponizing the drug and selling it to the highest bidder. But that’s not the only hurdle to overcome. Logan’s past is catching up to him, and the time has come to pay. His family’s secrets are unraveling everything he has built for himself and now, Logan is fighting on multiple fronts.

Save Tasia. Destroy Kallos Enterprises. Stay alive.

Such a simple list, such an impossible mission.

Time is running out and Logan is left with one question: can he save them all?

Sounds exciting, right? Now check out the cover:

Love it! The book will be out December 7. You can pre-order it here and add it to Goodreads here.

If you haven't read the first book in the Titanium series...good news! It's FREE right now! You can get PIECES OF REVENGE here:

Happy reading!

Congratulations, Valia! Can't wait for December 7!

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