Thursday, September 8, 2016

Interview with PURGE author Kat Ellis

There's no one who does intense, kinda dark, super-exciting YA better than Kat Ellis. Seriously, Kat's novels keep you on the edge of her seat! Luckily for us, her third novel, PURGE, is out today!

Mason has a habit of getting into trouble. He's been kicked out of every place he's ever lived in. Moving to the cult-like community of Alteria is definitely a last resort, even if it's better than braving the wastelands outside. But following their strict rules is a hundred times harder when Mason meets Eden, who has a wicked streak to match his own. Caught with contraband, Eden is forced into a programme to purge her bad behaviour. But Mason has seen what happens to people who get purged, and knows he will lose Eden if he can’t help her find a way out.

Out in the wastelands, Noah has no memory of what happened before he was abandoned in a war zone. All he wants is to know who he is, and if he can trust the strangers who rescued him from the rubble.

With lies surrounding them on all sides, Mason and Noah must piece together the truth if they want to escape. Failure is not an option when it means being purged from existence.

Kat was kind enough to answer a few questions about PURGE and writing to help celebrate her book birthday! Check out her responses...

If you had to describe PURGE in five words or fewer, what words (or phrase) would you use?

Two trapped teens: no escape!

Finish this sentence: PURGE will appeal to fans of...

... THE MAZE RUNNER (maybe? I think?)

If you were making a playlist to go with PURGE, which songs would you choose to represent Mason and Noah?

For Mason, I'd choose You & Me by Disclosure feat. Eliza Doolittle (Flume Remix) because it's kind of trippy, and the video is super hot and reminds me of Mason together with Eden - the girl who changes the way he thinks about everything.

Noah's song would have to be something angsty and confused and intense, so I think Can You Feel My Heart by Bring Me The Horizon is perfect!

As an avid and talented photographer, what's the most interesting photo you've taken recently? Can you share it with us?

Haha, thank you! I love taking photos of the weird and wonderful Welsh scenery, and this is one of my recent faves. It looks so desolate and creepy, I think it fits in well with certain scenes in PURGE.

What advice do you have for aspiring authors?

The YA landscape is constantly evolving, so read as much as you can - especially new books that are coming out - and don't get tripped up by trying to write to trends. Find your own niche, and if it doesn't exist, create it!

Thank you so much for sharing with us, Kat!

Want to get your hands on PURGE? If you're in the UK, you can purchase via Amazon, The Guardian, or Waterstones. If you're in the US (or elsewhere), you can get your copy from The Book Depository.

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